Fire and water

Fire and Water – dates by appointment

Old Ambt glass art studio and Fontana spa Nieuweschans have put together a very special and dynamic program. Over the course of three days you will become acquainted with the red-hot glass and the art of glassblowing. Besides that you will also be able to enjoy the spring spa water and many other benevolent facilities available at the spa.

Therefore: Fontana spa Nieuweschans and Old Ambt glass art studio are offering you the very best when it comes to water and fire.
Old Ambt glass art studio is where glass artist Johan de Vries opens his private atelier to allow you to become acquainted with the world of red-hot glass.
As part of this workshop you will receive very direct knowledge of working with two different furnaces. The first heats the glass initially and the second is used for reheating while the glassblower is working with it. During the workshop strong emphasis will be placed on practical exercises. You will learn the skills you need to make simple blown shapes. Techniques you will learn are marvering, blowing the first air bubble, taking over at the pontil, opening at the top and various colour techniques.
During these workshops you can rely on close supervision.
During the three day workshop you will stay at the Wellness Resort which is part of the Fontana spa Nieuweschans. The hotel is equipped with numerous facilities designed to stimulate health and to relax body and mind.
Fontana is known for her Thermal bath containing curative spring water which is pumped from a well that is located 630 meters below the surface. The water’s temperature is 36 °C and contains many minerals such as salt, iodine, magnesium, and bromide. The minerals, combined with the pleasant temperature, create a wonderful benevolent effect.
Moreover, you’ll find saunas, skin care facilities, massages, thalasso therapy, a sun studio, a movement studio, a hairdressers and a cinema. The spa can be found within 1 km of the glass art studio.

You will be working with red-hot glass and therefore you can count on a pleasantly hot workshop. Due to the kiln’s temperature it is advisable to wear cotton clothes during the workshop. Glassblowing is a physical activity but you need not possess super strength nor do you need extremely powerful lungs. And finally, don’t forget to bring your swim gear for the thermal bath.


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