For the first time we now have one and two day workshops One day workshop by appointment for minimum 4 and with a limit of 6 Participants.

The 1-day workshop costs € 165,- p.p. and includes coffee, tea and lunch. For groups from 4 to 6 Participants special prices.

Two day workshop available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment On the first day of this workshop you will learn the basics of glassblowing, and on the second day you will create your own paper weight, bowl or glass. The groups will consist of a minimum of 4 people and there is a limit of 6 participants in each group.

This two day course costs € 295,- p.p. and includes coffee, tea and lunch. For groups from 5 to 6 participants specialprices. The workshop starts at 9:00 and lasts till 16:30. If you’d like additional information you can always call us or send an email (0031 (0)597 655213 or

If needed we can also facilitate overnight accommodation.

Fire and Water Data by Appointment Old Ambt glass art studio and Fontana spa Nieuweschans have put together a very special and dynamic program. Over the course of three days you will become acquainted with the red-hot glass and the art of glassblowing. Besides that you will also be able to enjoy the spring spa water and many other benevolent facilities available at the spa.

Therefore: Fontana spa Nieuweschans and Old Ambt glass art studio are offering you the very best when it comes to water and fire.


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