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For eight years Johan de Vries worked as a glassblower at the well-known glassblowing studio De Oude Horn in Leerdam. In 1999 he chose to move to Nieuweschans near the Dutch-German border.
De Vries joined forces with fellow glass artist Tanja de Heus and together they created the Old Ambt, a glass art studio and gallery.
Johan de Vries’s work is noticeable because of its bright, flowing colours. It consists of several transparent, coloured layers. Unlike with most glass art, the colours and the lines decide the direction of the object rather than the shape.
The object’s shape always appears to be simple and is the automatic result of the circular movement of the blowpipe. This method gives the lines of the object the freedom to create the shape, which in turn creates a harmonious balance.The ‘Lake Sides’, ‘Arctica’, ‘Gronings Goud’, and ‘Imaginary World’ are bowls and large plates in which Johan de Vries reflects the countryside of that particular piece.
In the surreal world of colour and lines you can drift away and recognise the imagination of the artist.Johan de Vries’s work is exhibited in galleries in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
Johan works with his kiln almost every day and during demonstrations you can see the artist at work.
There is a tranquil atmosphere in the gallery, which is located in a former grain silo. This is where Johan exhibits his unica.
Tanja de Heus ( † 2014) worked with glass art since 1985. She created glass panels using the stained glass and tiffany techniques.
Her work is remarkable because of the unmoving pictures. The colours are bright, direct, and carry the artfulness of the lines.
Due to glass’s unique attribute of transparency the images created in the glass are subject to changes in colour and atmosphere based on their surroundings.
Whilst travelling through Europe De Heus came into contact with several different ancient cultures such as those of Ireland, Brittany and Portugal. She was moved by the power of images and the manifestation and mysteries of a long lost past.
The intriguing concept of time, and man’s involvement with time, is a red thread that runs through all her work.
Besides her own work Tanja also created glass panels for individual, companies and foundations who, after consulting with the artist, were able to order their own unique piece of glass art.big05

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