The Old Ambt glass studio is situated in an impressive, old farmhouse that is full of character. By visiting us at our studio you can experience the old profession of glassblowing from close up, the fascinating sight of fire and red-hot glass at the end of the blowpipe.
The gallery can be found in and around the former grain silos and it’s open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 13:00 – 17:30. This is where Johan de Vries exhibits his glass art and the unique glass panels of late Tanja de Heus († 2014).
The inner garden is very reminiscent of an older Westerwold. The tables are trunks of beech and willow trees that are hundreds of years old. You will be able to enjoy the cathedral like space which is engulfed by the enormous walls and wooden frames in peace.
The glass studio is located in the middle of a scenic region that has beautiful areas that are perfect for walking, biking and boating. There is a spacious parking lot adjacent to the studio and gallery which can be used free of charge.
Very nearby you can find the well known spa Fontana and the nearby town Oudeschans.
It is possible to combine a spa day with one of our glassblowing workshops. More information about this can be found under the header ‘workshop’

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